Friday, May 6, 2011

Checking in on the Tomatoes

Okay, last chance for Chocolate Cherry. I transplanted the third pathetic looking plant to give it one last chance. After this, the Black Plum Cherry is going in!

My store bought Bloody Butcher has flower buds. Ooohhh, how exciting!
My lone tomatillo plant that I planted from seed is holding it's own. Remember, when I noted a little limp leaves? It seems to be doing better. I even spotted some little flower bulbs forming.

The tomatoes that were planted outside under WOWs are also doing well.


Robin said...

Have you tried planting the tomatoes deep or on their side up to where the leaves are? The stem will root and this may help. My mother always planted them on their side. I plant them as deep as needed.

Wendy said...

bloody butcher - that's quite a name! Like Robin mentioned, I always plant my tomatoes on a diagonal. I'm never concerned if it looks leggy b/c it always takes off after the soil warms. Do you like your wow?

Shannan said...

I did chocolate cherry last year for the first time and I absolutely loved them! Definitely my favorite cherry tomatoes. And I'm curious about this bloody butcher tomato. Wow, what a name! What kind of tomato is it (slicing, paste)?

~Holly~ said...

Robin-If you can imagine, this plant is planted deep. It's that leggy!! LOL! I wish I had a bed to plant them in so I could do it sideways. *sigh* It's containers for me.

Wendy-I know right? I'll confess, the name grabbed me and that's why I really bought it. LOL! I really like the WOWs. I think it helps a lot, esp here in the Pacific NW. We typically have cold, wet springs and it helps to protect the young plants and allows planting out up to 1 month before actual planting times.

Shannan-Now that I hear you loved it, I'm really really bummed all 3 plants didn't make it. I'll try again next year (with more seeds, just in case!!). As far as I can tell, bloody butcher is a medium sized tomato with full flavor. They say the fruit ripens early (55 days) and is excellent for short summer areas (like us!). It has potato-type leaves. Fruit are not uniform in size (some small and round and others beefsteak). Remind me to save seeds so I can share!!