Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cabbage Moths and Aphids, This is WAR!!!

Today when I got home I went out to the yard. I noticed the cabbage moths had arrived. There were eggs on my kale leaves. I spent some time going over each of the leaves to make sure they were egg free. No caterpillars please!

Later, I was watering my seedlings in the house and noticed aphids aphids everywhere!! GRRR!!! PSA to anyone who buys starter plants this year, inspect them very carefully before bringing them home. The greatest infestation seemed to be centered around the 2 eggplants I had bought from the store. I brought that entire tray of seedlings outside to inspect and spray down. I tossed the 2 plants and a few pepper plants that were innocent bystanders. I picked through the remaining plants and handpicked the aphids off. I also sprayed them down. They're spending the night outside until they deem themselves aphid free. I think I spent the next hour and then some inspecting the remaining trays of seedlings (4 more). There were smaller groups of aphids on a few plants that I therapeutically squished. Luckily the majority of the trays were spared.

I'll keep an eye on them for the next few days to make sure they're gone. *sigh* I think I need a big glass of wine now. My nerves are frayed! Cabbage moths and aphids, be forewarned, this is WAR!!


Why I garden... said...

How is it pests like aphids and caterpillars seem to appear suddenly out of nowhere in thousands! I'll be doing some inspections over the weekend!

Rowena... said...

Great catching up on your garden and Kauai have been busy!! The Kauai posts was like a play-by-play of places that I would be going and things that I'd be doing. Really look forward to October for a visit.

Your garden, though, is really something to marvel at as you seem to have something new going on all the time. Look forward to your radishes....I just harvested the last of my crop and will get more seeds to continue the supply. Only thing is that here I can get just the regular, small red ones so seeing other types on garden blogs is a real treat. Take care!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

As the weathr warms up, they will make a sudden appearance. I have been at war with them for 2 months and inspecting the leaves almost daily. So I can't wait for the weather to gets too cold for them that finally I have a rest. Nursery bought seedlings are much easier to be effected than home-grown as they are not hardy from all the TLC nursery gave them.

~Holly~ said...

why I garden: I know what you mean. They just appear one day and it's all over. I'm so upset about the aphids IN MY HOUSE!! Stupid store eggplants! I was at the nursery today and inspected the plants very thoroughly. I noticed a few stray aphids. It's crazy!!

Rowena-Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you enjoyed the Kauai posts. I didn't eat out as much as I had wanted (never even eat shave ice!!) or didn't do the tourist thing. Maybe next time. I look forward to your trip!

malay-kadazan girl-I know. That's the sad part. I know this is just the beginning for us. Once the weather warms up, we're in for it. Enjoy your cooler weather that's relatively bug free!