Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bravely Transplanting Celery, Reusing Green Onions and Direct Sowing Peas

I realize it still maybe too soon to transplant the celery into the garden but I decided to try a few plants anyway. I had more than enough celery to go around anyway. I planted 2 per square foot. Most references say to plant them out when night temps are higher than 55 degrees or they may bolt. I'm a gambling kinda girl. We'll see what happens. I planted 4 plants outside altogether.

I had some store bought green onions that I had cut the tops off. I decided to keet the bottoms and put them in a glass of water to keep the roots wet. It's only been a few days, but the green onion tops have regrown already. I planted these next to the celery to see if they would grow.

I am finally getting around to sowing some peas this year. I had bought starters of shelling and snap peas. This is my attempt to stagger harvest. Today I planted out some shelling, snap and snow peas.


Robin said...

Boy your celery looks great! It's much bigger then mine is. I'm sure that it will be just fine outside.

scrapper al said...

I've had a lot of luck regrowing green onions. I hope yours grow again.

Shannan said...

Wow! I'm really impressed. Everything looks great. I didn't want to try celery because don't you have to protect it from sunlight to get it to stand upright? Also, I'm growing bright lights chard for the first time. How do you eat it or cook it? Will it grow all summer?

Last thing: that spinach you sent me is great! Tyee variety is the way to go. Thanks!

~Holly~ said...

Robin-Thanks! I checked on them today and so far so good. I hope they make it. I'll plant more if it looks good except I think I'm running outta space!

scrapperal-Thanks! That's what I wanted to hear. I'm not a big onion user but you know green onions are favorites in asian cooking. I use it sparingly but it kills me to have to buy it all the time. Esp since it's so easy to resprout!

Shannan-Thanks! I'm not sure I would really recommend growing celery from seed. It was a fun experiment but it takes a long time, has fickle growing conditions and I saw some at FM. LOL! There are some types that don't need "blanching". I think this is one of them. Good luck with your chard. I love growing it. Not only does it taste yummy but it's so pretty! You can cook it any way you use green such as collards, kale or beet leaves. They taste like beet leaves (the same family)...a little earthy. I posted a fabulous swiss chard with bacon recipe you should try. I love how the balsamic vinegar adds great depth of flavor. It's my favorite chard recipe!! I also use it in soups. It will grow and grow and grow. Be careful of leaf miners. Those buggers were pains last year. I'll use row covers or be extra careful preventing them by removing eggs early. I'm glad the Tyee spinach is doing well for you! I direct seeded some a few weeks ago and I'm looking forward to them.

Linda said...

I want to try growing celery.. Whenever we buy from the grocery store it's more than we need.. But I think it would be too hot here.. Yours look like they are doing well. :)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hopefully you get many juicy crunchy stem from your home-grown celery.

~Holly~ said...

Hi Linda-Thanks for visiting. Yeah, I'm not too sure about growing in Hawaii. You maybe able to grow it if it's in the shade perhaps? I googled it and it think it's possible. The reference says in Hawaii, peak April through August but harvested February through October. Maybe look for a warm weather type? Good luck!

Malay-Kadazan-Thanks! I hope it produces some crunchy stalks!