Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bolting Chinese Cabbage?

Oh oh! It seems one of my Winter Elf Chinese Cabbage is trying to bolt. Can you see the flower bud forming? Kinda looks like broccoli. I looked and this is the only one thus far.

I read something the other night that said that it's difficult to grow Chinese cabbage in the Pacific NW because these cabbages need to grow quickly to make it to harvest before bolting. Hmmm, wish I had read that before planting 1/2 a bed of them. I hope the ones I have will make it to harvest. The rest of the patch seem to be "heading" fine.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I never had success growing chinese cabbage though I tried several time in spring and autumn. They give me big leaves but don't form a barrel shape usually look like a flat cabbage. They bolt easily especially if expose to fluctuating temperature. The seeds germinate easily so I had more than 20 of them but bolted. Good Luck with the others.

Robin said...

All of my pak choi did the same thing. I have no idea why. Last year they were just beautiful and the weather is much colder this year. I will sow more in the fall and see what happens.

~Holly~ said...

malay-kadazan girl: So far all the other cabbages are doing okay. They're even heading. If they don't do well, I'll try again during the autumn.

robin-I'll have to be sure to keep an eye on my pak choi to make sure it doesn't bolt too. It's been cool with occassional warm days so I'm not sure if that'll be too much of a fluctuation for them.