Monday, April 25, 2011

Thinning the Thyme and Reviving the Parsley

Today was an icky day! It was cold (back to the 50's), windy with occasional downpours. It was the perfect stay inside weather. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of TO-DOs on my gardening chore checklist.

In between my indoor chores, I was able to get a few things checked off the TO-DO list. For one, I finally thinned and trimmed my thyme plants. The seedlings have been doing great. They're all crazy and long.

The were trimmed and pinched back to encourage fuller plants.

I have 2 thyme varieties this year. Regular thyme and an orange thyme. I'll probably transplant them to a permanent home this weekend if the weather is good.
Unfortunately, my parsley didn't survive my vacation. It was looking so good too! I'm kicking myself for not sending it over to my plant baby-sitter. I was able to trim and snip off the dead portions. This was what I was left with. Sad eh? Good news is that there are shoots still forming. Maybe I didn't totally kill it...just half?

Here's my harvest of thyme. To the left is the orange thyme and to the right is the regular thyme.