Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garden Chores

I had lots to do today. Luckily the weather cooperated. I pulled all the weeds in my old vegetable containers from last year. I hate to throw out the soil from the tomato containers. I always use fresh soil for my tomatoes.

I always recycle the soil in my pots. I usually ammend the soil and reuse it for flower containers. This time I was able to use the soil for my onions and herbs. I ammended the soil with chicken manure, some slow release fertilizer and some regular fertilizer.
I planted up another herb box with my thyme, orange thyme and parsley grown from seed.
I also bought a cilantro plant and another parsley plant (just in case I killed my seed sown parsley).
I hope my seedlings like their new home.
With more of the reused potting soil, I planted up more of my home sown onion plants. In total, I ended up with 2 1/2 pots of Copra onions and 1/2 pot of Walla Walla onions that survived from seed. Not too bad for my experiment. I hope they bulb up nicely. For the onions, I mixed in lots of chicken manure and added a little bit of blood meal and lots of bone meal. Since I forgot for the other onion and garlic pots, I side dressed them with fertilizer.

I composted and fertilized my fruits today (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & plum). I used E.B. Stone Fruit, Berry & Vine Food. I also tied up my crazy raspberry branches.
One of my blueberry bushes looks like it's dead (the one in the foreground). But it still has some young shoots. I trimmed the really dead branches and fertilizer and composted anyway. Crossing my fingers that it survives! My second blueberry bush is at the left along the fence. I also trimmed the two weigela bushes next to it.
I also composted my peony plants and fertilized with bone meal. I also applied some bone meal to my lilac bushes.
My last outdoor chore for today. My snapdragons from last summer overwintered. At least these better be snapdragons and not some crazy snapdragon look-alike weed! All my containers from last year got de-weeded. The snapdragons got a haircut.

Ouch! I'm sore from bending over, squatting and working like crazy today!