Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Project-Preparing the Raised Beds

Ick! This is what happens when you leave your gardening beds for the winter and don't clean up after the growing season. Because of the rains in Oregon, I almost always have moss in my garden beds. The one upside of moss is that it's really easy to weed. You just pull out the moss and the weeds usually go with it. It's a little like pulling out carpet, but easier!
Among the weeds, were some overwintered lettuce. I tried to salvage the lettuce to replant once the beds were cleaned.
Cleaning out the gardening beds was a slow process, as it rained off and on throughout the weekend. During dry breaks, I pulled a little at a time. After de-weeding and de-mossing my garden beds, I turned the soil. I found some icky grubs that I drowned in water. I'll feed them to the robins. They'll love that!

I amended my raised bed soil. After turning the old soil, I added a layer of compost and turned it into the old soil. For good measure this year, I also added some chicken manure. I turned the chicken manure into the soil and voila, a fresh bed to plant my vegetables in. I'll show you that tomorrow.


the red headed traveler said...

I agree that moss is definitely an easy removal speaking from experience myself :) Yay for spring on the horizon!