Saturday, March 19, 2011

Warm Seedlings Transplanted

My tomato seedlings had really taken off. But I noticed that even with an overhead grow light, they were a little leggy. I decided it was time to pot them into larger pots.

To remedy the leggy stems, I planted the tomatoes deep in the pots. I remember reading that tomato plants will actually grow roots along their stem when planted deep. It was sad when I had to thin them out. Some cells were growing 2 healthy plants. I debated whether to try to salvage the other seedling and plant both but decided not to take my chances. I was afraid I'd disrupt the root systems of both plants so I decided not to get greedy.

It was also about time to transplant because the fast growing tomatoes were blocking out the light for the slower growing peppers and eggplant.
After the tomatoes were transplanted, they were looking happier with more elbow space.
Some of the peppers were also doing really well.

I got a little brave with the peppers and tried to pot up more than one per cell if there was a lot of space between them. I was afraid I killed them because they looked a little droopy after transplanting them. I hope they all survive!


Robin said...

Your celery looks great! Mine is way behind yours at this point. The tomatoes and peppers also look good. The trick I have learned with peppers is as they get bigger they don't like very wet soil. Let them get drier then the tomatoes and water them sparingly. They will do great this way!!

Wendy said...

wow, everything looks fantastic! I got celery seeds but when i read the packet, it looks like I missed the very very early starting date.

~TastyTravels~ said...

Robin-Thanks for the tip on the peppers!

Wendy-Welcome back! Sorry you missed the celery plant date but you may still be able to find them in the garden centers. I saw them just the other weekend. These suckers take a lot of babying (long growing season). I'm not sure I'll do them again next year. I may opt for the nursery pack. =0)