Monday, November 1, 2010

Wine Tasting:

This post is for all my fellow wine lovers. I *heart* wine. I usually get my wines locally. Local wineries are good places to sample wines and then stock up on your favorites. I also love the selection at Whole Foods. The buyer there is very knowledgeable and has some excellent recommendations.

I've never purchased wine online before. I've been signed up at for a while now. I get emails about sales and specials. I've browsed the site and made a wish list but never bought anything. If you're a member at, let me know. I think there's a way to be "friends" and peek at each other's wine lists and recommendations.

Last week I got an email about their Halloween Sale. I browsed. I spotted a Greek wine that I knew I had to buy. After my trip to Greece last September, I came back with a few bottles of wine. I've been hoarding them, afraid to drink them because they're hard to replace. Most local supermarkets don't carry Greek wines. They're hard to come by in Oregon. When I saw this, I knew I had to jump on it. As an added bonus, this wine was on sale for $15 a bottle. Score!

If you've also never ordered wine online before, do it! I had to write about the great service. I ordered my wines and got a delivery confirmation for my wines. I thought it had to be wrong. It said my wines would arrive 3 days after I had just placed my order. No way! It was true! UPS delivers your wines (and just as a note, someone 21 yrs or older needs to sign for them). They were extremely fast (the warehouse is in Berkeley, CA)!

I also loved that each bottle of wine came with a nice tag and stickers to place on the tag. The sticker identified the year, winery, type of wine, when you ordered it, ratings (if any) and price paid. I had recently bought tags for my wine because I found it cumbersome to have to pull out each bottle to see what it was. thought of this for you!

I didn't notice this until later but on the back of the tag are ways for you to remember the wine. It lets you journal when you opened the bottle and if it was for a special occasion. I'm always trying to remember that great bottle of wine I brought to so and so's party. This makes it easy! It also helps you by asking if you'd order it again. You can also make tasting notes on the bottom. Genius!!!

When I placed my order, I went in on it with a friend. Shipping was reasonable, but because of the amount of wine I ordered, it was more reasonable to pay the little extra to become part of their Steward Ship Program. This allows me free shipping for a year! Yipee! I just had to write about this company because I was so satisfied with my purchase.

There's also a sister site that you have to sign up to be a member. Membership is free. In return, you get emails about daily deals for up to 70% off premium wines. The sales usually last about 3 days. The site is called They have some excellent sales here, usually with added discounts on shipping! Sign up to get their great wine deals!