Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Restaurant Rambling: Sushi Katsu (Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii)

Kauai is a small island. Restaurants come and go. If you're lucky, you stay in business for a very long time. Tip Top is a small cafe/bakery in Lihue. They have been in business since 1916. My grandmother used to work in the bakery. They serve island favorites and reasonable prices.

My flight arrived on Kauai in the early evening. We decided to have dinner in Lihue before making the drive to my dad's house in Kalaheo. We went to Tip Top. However, it seems that during breakfast and lunch, the restaurant is Tip Top. At night, it transforms into a Japanese restaurant, Sushi Katsu. Shucks, I had my heart set on ox tail soup.

The sushi here was alright. Definitely nothing to write home about. The spicy ahi roll (aka spicy tuna roll) was drab and not very flavorful.

The sushi combination B was ok as well. Nothing stellar.

For my entree, I decided on the grilled mackeral (saba). It was a generous 1/2 fish portion. It was tasty. Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to rotate my picture. LOL!

Sushi Katsu
3173 Akahi Street
Lihue, HI
ph: (808) 246-0176


scrapper al said...

Sorry you didn't get your oxtail soup. I would have preferred that to sushi.

~Holly~ said...

Haha, me too Arlyn. I'll be sure to stop by for an ox tail soup lunch before I leave.

Dawn said...

for awhile they were doing a dinner special where you could pick up the oxtail cold and gave you all the veggies and stuff to add in after you take it home. loved that!