Friday, November 12, 2010

Restaurant Rambling: Kauai Pupu Factory (Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii)

One of my rituals (when my grandpa was still alive) was to stop by the Kauai Pupu Factory right before going to visit him. I would get him 1 lb. of poke and usually some lau lau for dinner. My grandpa loved fish! Fresh poke was his favorite. I'm not sure if he was happier to see me or the package with his dinner in it.

Kauai Pupu Factory is located in Hanapepe. It's a very small plain building in what looks like it used to be a gas station. They have great fresh ahi poke and tako (octopus) poke. The also serve "plate lunches" with lau lau or kalua.

My grandpa passed away last year. I haven't been to Kauai Pupu Factory since then. Standing in line for my poke made me think of him. Oh how he would love some poke. The ahi limu poke was $9.99/lb. It'll make a great accompaniment for dinner!

Kauai Pupu Factory
1-3566 Kaumuali'i Hwy
Hanapepe, HI
ph: (808) 335-0084


meemsnyc said...

Sorry to hear about your loss of your grandpa. It's no wonder he likes this fish, it looks amazing!

Kathy M said...

What a nice memory to have. The food looks delicious!