Thursday, November 11, 2010

Restaurant Rambling: Aaron's Kitchen (Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii)

Every once in a while, I crave Filipino food. In Hawaii, we grew up in a multi-cultural mixing pot. We learned to appreciate others for their differences and embraced their food. Well, maybe that's just me. LOL!

In Portland, I haven't been able to find good Filipino food. I know how to make a few basic dishes so when the craving hits, I start cooking. When I come home to Kauai, I know I won't be disappointed by a lack of Filipino dishes. I've never eaten at Aaron's before. This was my first time. They're a tiny mom and pop storefront that serves mostly locals. This is probably because some of the Filipino dishes maybe too exotic for the faint of heart. I usually stick to standards.

Aaron's is located on the West side of the old Hanapepe bridge in downtown Hanapepe. The food is cooked fresh every morning and served cafeteria style (as is most "box lunch" places in Hawaii). You look over what they have and make your selection. You can choose 1 choice, 2 choices or 3. Meals come with 2 scoops of rice. If you're interested, most days they have: pork, peas & pimentos; pork or chicken adobo, pork with garbanzo beans; beef apritada; ginger fried chicken; squid guisado; pinakbet; mongo beans; sari-sari; pancit noodles; dinuguan; bindungo/pinapaitan. On the day that I went, they also had pig's feet adobo and chicken papaya.

I love noodles so I got 1/2 rice (1 scoop) and 1/2 pancit noodles. This plate has pinakbet and chicken adobo.

This plate has pinkabet and pork, peas and pimentos.

The servings are very generous. A 2 choice plate costs $7.50 and can easily serve 2 people.
Besides the daily entrees, there is a limited menu of specials that are made to order. One of the most popular of these is the lechon kawali for $13.00. Don't judge me by the food I eat. LOL! I'm sure I just shortened my lifespan by about a decade by indulging in this.

If you like pork, you'll love these. The skin is cooked perfectly and are nice and crunchy. Mmm! The Filipinos serve this with a side of vinegar. Chili pepper water works just fine also.

If you're on Kauai and feeling brave, stop by Aaron's and indulge!

Aaron's Kitchen
3611 Hanapepe Road
Hanapepe, HI
ph: (808) 335-0949