Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kapaia Stitchery (Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii)

I'm not a quilter. I would love to learn how. In fact, visiting Kapaia Stitchery makes me want to learn how. I'll even confess, I've bought some quilting books and patterns from them in the past for "just in case". Am I pathetic or what?

I haven't been to Kapaia Stitchery in a while. My mother's grave is at a cemetery near the store. While tending to my graveyard duties and on a whim, I made a gut instinct stop here. Even if I didn't quilt, they always have beautiful fabric, crafts and things to look at. I would look today.

These quilts are the ones that scream to me, "learn how to make me". They're so cute huh? This one is of turtles or honu. As you can see, they have a vast and gorgeous selection of Hawaiian, Asian and batik print fabric.

This cute hula girl quilt makes me smile.

Okay this just made me laugh. Kauai chickens. Haha! These were the buggers waking me up so early in the morning but they were cute. My nieces may like these.

This was way cute. These adorable Hawaiian angel ornaments came home with me. They'll make a great Christmas stocking stuffer.

If you're ever on Kauai and you're a crafter, check out Kapaia Stitchery. Besides fabric and quilting things, they have a decent selection of premade gift times such as bags, potholders, book covers, etc. It's a great place to shop for gifts. One visit here will also make you want to get crafting again!
Kapaia Stitchery
3-3551 Kuhio Hwy (across from the Lihue Hongwangi Mission Church & right before to turn off to Wailua Falls)
Lihue, HI
ph: (808) 245-2281


scrapper al said...

I'm interested in quilting, but I would never take it up because I'm afraid it would take over my shopping life like scrapbooking did, lol. Those Kauai chickens are too cute! Of course, I don't think they're cute when the roosters wake me up in the morning.