Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wildlife Wednesday: 9/22/10

I'm been slacking on the Wildlife Wednesday posts. Here's a few that I've gathered in the past few weeks.

My friends the hummingbirds continue to hang out near the feeder. There's one female that usually sits in the tree in my neighbor's yard. Up there, she has a clear view of the feeder and all the other hummingbirds coming in for a drink. She's territorial and will often run them off. It's funny just to watch her chase them off. The other day I was sitting out on the deck and noticed she wasn't content with her perch on the tree. Instead, she was sitting on the hook that the feeder was on and guarded "her feeder". It cracked me up!

Since not all the hummingbirds were successful at the feeder, some had to feed the old fashion way. This little guy was facinated with the sage plants.

I remember early this summer I was fretting over a squirrel I had spotted in the neighbor's yard. I hadn't seen him lately. Imagine my surprise one day when I saw this little guy forraging for the leftover sunflower seeds from the bird feeders.
He was awfully small a cute but I saw where this would be a messy situation.

Thank goodness on this day he was happy with the sunflowers on the ground.
This find was weird. I was out clipping mint one day when I noticed this...
What the heck is that!!?? I'm hopping these are ladybugs and not another bad bug. Needless to say, I was a little icked out and let them be.


mac said...

AW~~~~~so cute!!!!
"My" 3 hummers are territorial also, they guard the feeder and chase others away.

Wendy said...

wow. I'm totally icked out too! happy thoughts...happy thoughts...

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I hope it is ladybird too Holly. They are good for getting rid of aphids. I wish I have some visit from Mr. Squirrel.