Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Restaurant Rambling: Koji Osakaya

I've been going to Koji's off and on since I moved to Portland many many many years ago. As a student in college, I frequented the branch in downtown Portland for my Japanese food fix. I ate at the branch in Beaverton many times before it closed down. I often forget that there's a Koji's on Barber Blvd.

The food is okay for Japanese fare. It's not the best but it's pretty decent. The sushi here is pretty good. My favorite is their version of the spicy tuna roll. It's not like most places that spice things up with hot sauce. These guys make their spicy tuna roll like a spicy poke roll. They use red pepper flakes and onions in their roll. Yummy!!

Here's a shrimp tempura starter

An assortment of sushi including the caterpillar, spicy tuna and various nigiri sushi

Char sui ramen

Koji Osakaya
10100 SW Barbur Blvd
Portland, OR 97219
ph: (503) 977-3100


mac said...

If I go to Portland area I know whom to ask for advice, you seem to know all the local food stops.

~Holly~ said...

You should definitely come visit Portland! We have some amazing restaurants!