Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gardening: September Vegetable Garden

Here's a September garden tour. The weather is starting to cool down. We've had rains for the past few days. Say it ain't so. Is summer really over before it really started? Here's what's going on in the September veggie garden in Oregon.

I have a few melons that are getting to be the size of baseballs now. I hope they make it to the ripening stage!

Thai Tiger Eggplant finally setting fruit!

Patty Pan Squash

Lots of green tomatoes. These are cherry tomatoes (they looks so pretty!).

These are ripening Green Zebra tomatoes

Oregon Spring Tomatoes growing in a topsy turvy

Cherokee Purple

My Shishito Pepper plant is sprouting multiple peppers. I'm excited!

Shishito Pepper flowers

Green Sword Cucumber

I'm praying that the weather in Oregon will make a comeback. We need at least a few more days of sunny weather!


Wendy said...

great tour! The melons look very much loved.

thyme2garden said...

I hope you get many more warm days this month so your summer fruits can ripen! My Jelly Bean tomatoes are looking much like your cherry tomatoes - green with no sign of red!

Kathy M said...

Our tomatoes, egg plant and peppers are looking about the same! I'm hoping for some sun in the Seattle area too.

Jami said...

Well, this past weekend was nice, but we've got to have more sun to be able to get some of our produce just waiting for sun! I've got my fingers crossed, too. :-)