Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's Cookin?: Dilly Green Beans

I mentioned that I have had a rather fickle green bean harvest this year. I planted a lot of bush beans hoping to get a big harvest all at once to pickle. Ah, such was not the case this year. I've only managed to get handfuls at a time. It's great for side dishes, but I want my Dilly Green Beans!

There was a great sale at Haggen's this week. Locally grown green beans for $1 a pound. Waahoo! I didn't realize how much 4 pounds was until I stood there sorting through green beans to get the nice ones.

I made 2 batches of Dilly Green Beans. I made these last year and loved them! Here's 2 pounds of green beans cut and washed.
I had omitted the hot peppers last year. This year, I had harvested some Cherry Bomb Peppers and some Hungarian (Hot) Wax Peppers to add to the dilly brine. I also used the Dill tops or seeds instead of the Dill Weed. I found that the tops of the dill flowers gave much more flavor and depth to the pickles.

Tada! Dilly Green Beans! Each recipe (2 pounds of green beans) makes 4 pints of pickles.


Thomas said...

Holly, thanks for the dilly green bean recipe! I will have to give it a try next year. Unfortunately, my beans were a bust this year!

thyme2garden said...

Pickled green beans, wow, that sounds really good! If my fall harvest of beans is better than my summer harvest, I will definitely have to try this recipe.