Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gardening: Summer Color Splash

Here's a little color splash in the garden this August. Purple is my favorite color. I love when you can incorporate it into a vegetable garden and eat the bounty!

Royal Burgundy Green Beans
Millionaire Eggplant Blossom and Fruit

Red strawberries always catch my attention.

The mint green of the baby Patty Pan Squash and it's deep yellow flowers make a big impact in the garden.

Yellow melon flowers tease of some forbidden fruit to come.
Dainty white flowers bring hope of a second crop of blueberries.


Shannan said...

Hi Holly!
I just have to pop in and tell you that I love your blog. I found it months ago and I faithfully read it although I never comment. Yesterday I canned my first ever batch of dill pickles and it was so exciting but what to do with the leftover dill? I followed your tip of storing it in vinegar. Thanks for sharing that one!

I'm just down the street in Salem, OR so it is fun to read about your gardening and travels as I can relate since I'm so close.

Thanks again and looking forward to reading more. I'm hoping to post my Tuesday Garden Party blog entry soon!

~Holly~ said...

Aww....thanks for the kind words Shannan!! Welcome! Doesn't that dill tip rock? Kudos for the gal that told me about that. I put some in the freezer too but love having the dill heads soaking in the vinegar and using the vinegar for pickles. Yum!

I can't wait to hear about your garden! I love seeing what others in our climate are up to. Since I'm so new to this, it give me a clue as to whether I'm on the right track or not!