Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gardening: Planting a Fall Garden

Fall garden? WHAT? My summer garden hasn't even come in yet. It's a necessity though if I want more yumminess into the fall and winter. Since I worried I was too late to plant my own starters, I went ahead and bought starter plants of Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli and Rapini (Broccoli Rabe). I also bought some red onion starters. The only problem is, where to put all these starters?

I made some sacrifices in the garden. My crop of gai lan (Chinese broccoli) didn't do well. I'm not sure if it was the heat or the caterpillars, or maybe a combination of both? I pulled those plants and harvested the lettuce and baby bok choy that was left. I know the broccoli and rapini need lots of space. I planted 2 of each in this space (although I'm sure it's not enough spacing for them). I also read that dill keeps the cabbage moth away so I sowed some dill in between the rows. For extra measure, I crushed some fresh dill and scattered them in the patch. Take that moths!
My Swiss chard was still going so I decided to leave it in place. I had been battling with the leafminer all summer. As a result of being away on vacation, my first set of harvestable leaves were sacrificed to them. I think I have them under control now (I've been patrolling the patch every other day to keep them at bay). I will see if these plants produce into fall.
Since there was a lot of space between my broccoli and rapini, I sowed some quick harvest radishes in between. I will also try some carrots in front of them.



I plan on pulling the green beans and planting my Brussels Sprouts in it's place. I haven't had the heart yet as there are some flowers on the green bean plants. Maybe tomorrow...

I also replanted some lettuce. I planted 2 types of romaines (Rouge D'Hiver and Parris Island), along with some Red Sails and Prizehead Lettuce.

I sowed some Arugula and Spinach in their original spots. The arugula started bolting as soon as it came up and the spinach didn't make it past the seedling stage in my spring garden. Hopefully fall will be nicer to them. I also re-seeded some beets. My beets did not do well this year also. Maybe it was because I had just composted my beds before planting them? They did really well last year. I'll try again for fall.
I am still debating where to put my onions sets. I will also try some Walla Walla Onions from seed. I also started sprouting some peas inside in wet paper towels. They will go in the ground tomorrow. I plan on starting some baby bok choy and try a fast growing Chinese cabbage.

What are your fall garden plans?


scrapper al said...

I haven't decided what to put in my fall garden yet, but definitely Swiss chard and beets. Maybe onions, maybe snow peas.

Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

Fall?? I haven't even harvested my summer garden:) I did put some red onions in... late, but maybe I can say I planted them early for fall instead? I will do garlic, lettuce, spinach, maybe give peas a whirl, and who knows. Looking forward to hearing more about what you do.

Jami @An Oregon Cottage said...

I've put some starts in too, Holly- I was too late to start my own as well. I put in B. sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and kale plus some winter lettuces. I'm seeding spinach and turnips and already have carrots, beets and parsnips seeded. We'll see...
Thanks for sharing this at the Garden Party!

zentmrs said...

Our summer garden is really just getting started, but I too have been thinking about our fall and winter garden. I look forward to seeing how yours grows!