Monday, August 9, 2010

Gardening: Harvest 8/9/10

I'm so sad. I took some harvest picks last week of some beans and lettuce but they seemed to have disappeared off my camera. Shucks!

Oh well. The big new this week is....WE GOT A TOMATO!! Finally, a Cherokee Purple is born! I just picked this guy yesterday. I hope it tastes good after all the waiting! I plan on a simple salad tomorrow with this being the star.
A few more cherry tomatoes were ready last week.

Here's some delicious Blue Lake and some Royal Burgundy Green Beans.
My dill was ready to be picked and I fretted because I didn't have enough peppers nor any cucumbers to pickle. A gal on a gardening message board let me in on a secret to keep the dill heads. She told me to pour boiled vinegar over them and store them at room temp in a covered container. She says they keep indefinitely and I can use the vinegar they're stored in for an extra dilly kick. Fabulous!!
I love adding the flowering heads to my pickles. It gives them a nice flavor and a pretty contrast. Thanks to her tip, I'll have some pretty dill heads on the next pepper pick.
And lastly, here's a handful of mix and matches harvested yesterday. Cherry tomatoes, strawberries, Blue Lake/Royal Burgundy/French Filet Green Beans.
Happy Harvest!


Thomas said...

Great looking tomato! It looks perfectly ripe. My cherokees have been suffering from green shoulders this year.

I like the look of those burgundy beans. That is one crop that did not do well for me this year.

michelle said...

Yay, the first tomato, reason to celebrate! Lovely beans, the Royal Burgundy is a good one, it produced really well for me last year.

Cheryl said...

Picking the first ripe tomato is so exciting, and you've got a really pretty one.

Robin said...

Congrats on your tomato!! Thanks for sharing the tip on how to save dill. My dill is never on time...either too early or too late.

Mac said...

Congrats on the first CP tomato, it has so many loops and so pretty. I made dilly beans with the Royal Burgundy purple beans last year, it was good.

Thanks for pass the tip on preserving dill heads.

Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

Great dill tip, thanks for sharing. Congrats on your tomato:) I am patiently awaiting their true arrival in our garden.

thyme2garden said...

Yay for your fist CP tomato! It looks just about perfect.

Daphne said...

I bet dill vinegar tastes great. I store mine in the freezer until I need it.