Monday, August 30, 2010

Gardening: Harvest 8/30/10

I had forgotten about my edamame plant. When I finally remembered about it, it only had 2 little edamame pods. Cute eh? LOL! I replanted more seeds andhopefully I'll be able to have some success with them.

I picked a few peppers last week. The Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers were round rather than long like they should be. Anyone know why? Did I pick them prematurely? My Shishito Peppers are finally coming in. Mmmm!!

I finally picked 2 gorgeous Paul Robeson Tomatoes. They were just perfect and pretty! It's classified as a black tomato and it's from Russia.

It's the perfect palm-sized tomato. The taste was different than the Cherokee Purple. It was sweet with just a hint of tart and smokiness. Delicious! Definitely a keeper!
Here it is cut in half and served as lunch....a Caprese Salad.

My Millionaire Eggplant are producing like a million bucks!
More green beans this week. I had thought my green beans were a bust but it seems they decided to kick in a second harvest. I also checked on some baby carrots. They need a little more time (and space cause they're a little distorted).
Happy Harvest!!


meemsnyc said...

Those tomatoes are beautiful! I love the little peppers too.

vrtlarica said...

Beautiful tomatoes. I love the inside of them.

Prairie Cat said...

Oh neat, you're growing edamame? I love snacking on those guys with a little bit of soy sauce, or just plain with a sprinkle of salt. Yum!

That's a tasty looking salad, and I'm not even a big fan of raw tomatoes. :)

abigail said...

beautiful! I love the eggplants.

mac said...

Harvest looks good, my bush beans always give me a second chance after I picked them clean the first time.

I have to look up Paul Robeson tomato next year, I like Russian strain black tomatoes.

thyme2garden said...

Oh Holly, first you tease me with your Cherokee Purple, and now this Paul Robeson! It's really nice that you show the inside of the tomato, along with the flavor description. Never having had any dark tomatoes (or anything other than plain red, for that matter), I would have thought that "sweet," "hint of tart" and "smokiness" were definitely descriptions of the Cherokee Purple. But if you describe Paul Robeson this way, and you say that CP is different, how would you describe the flavor of CP?

Stevie from said...

that salad looks great. mmmm.

Daphne said...

What a gorgeous tomato. I love the look of black tomatoes.

~Holly~ said...

Minji, I would say the CP are sweeter and smoky. No real tart. The PR had a more complex taste because of a little tart. Both are excellet eaters!