Monday, August 2, 2010

Gardening: Harvest 8/2/10

No, it's not your eyes. And don't adjust your computer monitors. Those tomatoes are really that tiny!! If you remember, my Sun Gold Cherry Tomato plant died while I was on vacation. Well ever since, it's been trying to put out tomatoes. Bless it's little heart. It's funny because they're tiny little things. I tried one. Wow! They taste great! Because of this, I haven't had the heart to put the poor guy out of his misery. I'm still enjoying thetiny sweet gems! LOL!

I know I keep saying this every week, but this is definitely, absolutely, my last week of peas. The snow peas keep bumper cropping. I'm pulling them out today and reseeding for a fall harvest. I've enjoyed them a lot this year. I was disappointed in the shelling peas. They were so yummy but weren't good producers at all. I'll give them one more chance this fall. The snap peas were sweet and yummy. I would have chosen them over the snow peas but on the other hand the snow peas were so prolific. Decisions decisions!! I may just be indecisive again and plant all 3 this fall.
I've also gotten a handful of French and Blue Lake green beans. Yummy! I've been disappointed in my green bean production. I've had handfuls here and there. I was hoping for a good solid harvest close together so I could pickle some dilly green beans. I may have to bite the bullet and *shock and horror* buy some green beans for pickling.

There's more strawberries this week. I also finally harvested some hot peppers. I've been waiting and waiting on the cherry bomb hot peppers to turn, um well, cherry colored. No such luck. I decided to pick them already because there are a few more peppers on the plant coming out. Besides, I'll just pickle them and see how they turn out. I also had a couple Hungarian (hot) Wax peppers this week.

All in all it's been a great week! Happy Harvest!

**ADDENDUM: I just picked the last of my lettuce and baby bok choy. Whew! What a chore! I'll post picks later!**

Here's the lettuce harvest. It's a mixture of Romaine, Red Sails, Butterhead and Prizehead lettuces.
Here they are all washed and ready to be bagged.
Here's a sinkful of baby bok choy!


meemsnyc said...

We had a dismal pole bean harvest also, but I'm growing new plants for the fall. Hopefully they will produce more. I'm also growing snow peas in the fall. I can't wait. your harvest looks great.

mac said...

The Sungold tomatoes are so cute, I've heard so much about it just gotta try it next year, looks like it's a tough one to kill, that's just what I needed.
I hope the weather heats up for you in your area so those heat loving plants grow faster.

Amy said...

Looks like it's lots of salad for you for a while!

Cheryl said...

I had a few teeny tiny cherry tomatoes too. I was surprised that they tasted so good.

Nice harvest.

thyme2garden said...

Oh, your baby Sungolds are just precious! I'm glad to hear that they still taste great even when they're so small. Like Mac, I will have to try them next year. Your lettuce looks so beautiful and fresh - I guess that's one of the perks of living in the PNW!

Daphne said...

lol those little tomatoes are just so cute. Though right now I envy your lettuce. I want some to make a salad with my tomatoes.

michelle said...

You really had a good run with the peas. And now look at all that beautiful lettuce. I can never decide between snap and snow peas so I grow both but I don't bother with shelling peas, it takes far too many plants to get a decent harvest.