Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gardening: Fall Garden & Planting Edamame

Looks like parts of my fall garden are falling into place. The peas that I planted a while ago are coming up! I couldn't decide which to plant so I sowed all three again for fall.
My beets are also coming up.
I had forgot about my edamame plants. My first sowing didn't do well. I think it was too early for them and our wet spring killed them off. My second sowing went largely unattended. I forgot about them. They died then came back with lots of greenery. I found 2 edamame pods on closer inspection. I'm not sure if this plant is done yet. There seems to be an attempt at more pods but we'll see.
I didn't have the heart to pull it but planted more seeds around the soil. I decided to use the inoculant method on my fall trial of edamame. I used this method on my fall peas. With the peas, to get the to germinate, I put them in wet paper towels for a couple of days until the sprouted. Then I rolled them in inoculant and planted them.

For the edamame, I put them in some warm water for a few minutes.

Garden inoculant can be used for peas, snap beans and lima beans. It helps the nodules on the roots develop that fix nitrogen. It's supposed to increase your harvest and the plants ability to make nitrogen.
I placed the damp edamame seeds in some inoculant and rolled them around.

The seeds were then they were planted. I hope they turn out okay!


thyme2garden said...

Holly, this is really interesting. I've heard of soil inoculant before, but never thought of using it. Well, more like I never got around to looking more into it. First year gardening is a bit overwhelming, you know? I hope your fall crops grow well for you!

Wendy said...

looking good! You know, I buy inoculant every year but forget about it every time I go to plant beans. it's ridiculous.