Thursday, July 1, 2010

Restaurant Rambling: Pho Hung

Every time my dad comes to visit, we go to Pho Hung at least once, if not a few times. He loves the pho here. They are also very reasonably priced and the service is lightning fast. For those of you not familiar with pho, it's a Vietnamese noodle soup. It's delicious!

Just by chance, I looked over their drink menu and noticed the Soda Xi Muoi - pickle prune drink. Could it be made with the salted plums we refer to as Li Hing Mui or Ume? I ordered one just for fun for $2.25. It was like a sweet ume soda. It was delicious! I will definitely be back for more!!!

I love the Salad Rolls here. We ordered one (comes with 2 rolls) to start with for $4.00. The peanut dipping sauce is especially tasty!
Before your soup arrives, they bring out a plate of garnishes. Among them are bean sprouts, Thai basil, sliced jalapenos and a lime wedge.
If I order pho here, I always get the same thing. I'm predictable like that. "I'll have a small #11 please". #11 comes with eye of round steak and well-done flank. A small will set you back $6.00 or if you're hungry, a large is $6.50. I usually add the bean sprouts right away to the piping hot broth to allow them to get tender. I also add a few leaves of basil and squeeze the lime over my soup. There provide different condiments on the table. I usually add the plum sauce (lots of it) and some hot sauce. Mmm.....delicious.

Pho Hung
13227 SW Canyon Road, #B
Beaverton OR 97005
ph: (503) 626-2888