Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gardening: Summer is Finally Here!

Looks like summer is finally going to hit the Pacific NW this week. So far the temperatures have managed to hang out in the low to mid 70's. Today the temperature is expected to reach 87 and tomorrow a sweltering 94!! Crazy!

My cool weather crops have continued to come in. I'm still harvesting peas. Snow peas are almost done, snap peas are just being harvested now and the shelling peas are just coming in. Hopefully they all be okay with the heat wave that's coming!

Snow peas

Snap peas
Shelling peas
I'm especially excited about my tomato plants. They all seem to be doing very well. My Cherokee Purple has set about 4 or 5 fruit thus far. I'm expecting this to be the first full sized tomato of the season for me. I'm drooling just thinking about a fresh, ripe tomato!!
When I got back from my weekend away, I was surprised to find that the Baby Bok Choy grew by leaps and bounds. They're all looking really good!
The Lacinto Kale also grew well while I was away. They're really starting to fill in!
Hopefully they'll be more to harvest in the upcoming weeks! I'm getting hungry just thinking about all the goodies!

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Melinda said...

I've never heard of the Cherokee Purple tomato - is it a heirloom? Will it be purple when it's ripe?

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Your garden looks so healthy and lush--thank you for posting the pictures! My peas are producing like mad now, too. I have pretty much given up trying to grow brassicas in the spring and summer. I will try some kale as a fall crop, and hopefully the cabbage moths will be less of a problem than they usually are here.

zentmrs said...

Looks great! Our weather (here in coastal So Cal) has been grey and cool so far this summer. I'm hoping that we get some nice sun and warmth too!

Thanks for sharing!

Jami@ An Oregon Cottage said...

I grow Cherokee Purple each year- it's my favorite heirloom, but mine are tiny yet- wow, you've got a good-sized one, even after our weather. Good for you! Thanks for sharing at the TGP.