Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gardening: Morning Dew and more transplants

I forgot about these photos. I had taken them about a week and a half ago in the early morning. The plants still had morning dew on them. I love how they collected at the edges of the leaves and almost look like a crystal necklace. They glistened in the light.

Gai Lan

Lacinto Kale


As I continued my garden walk through, I noticed the shelling peas were just starting to display flowers.

I was also amazing by more Cherokee Purple Tomatoes! This plant is setting fruit like crazy! I can hardly wait for a taste!

Later that day I transplanted the last of my summer crop. I had been fretting all season because I had a late start growing these from seed this year. I also didn't use grow lights so they were tiny. I guess despite my complaining about the wet and cool spring we had, it ended up working out well. I was able to give these guys a little more time to grow. I also transplanted another round of Baby Bok Choy and Lettuce.

Millionaire Eggplant

Tiger Eggplant

A topsy turvied Oregon Spring tomato

Baby Bok Choy

Mixed Lettuce

Zinnias & Cosmos


thyme2garden said...

You take some beautiful pictures! The morning dew is just lovely. And it looks like you'll have lots of leafy greens soon!