Monday, July 19, 2010

Gardening: Harvest 7/19/10

I've been out of town so this is actually 2 weeks worth of little harvests. My peas are still trickling in. I think they maybe done soon. I was able to harvest a small mixed bunch of snow and snap peas last week.
The shelling peas were finally ready. I've been anxiously awaiting these yummy treats!
When all was shelled and done, I had about a cupful of fresh baby peas. They were delicious right out of the pod but I ended up blanching them and tossing them into a salad. They were perfectly tender and sweet!
Some cherry tomatoes were ripe! Yeah!! My Sun Gold Cherry Tomato plant died while I was out of town. I think it got too much water. I came home to a yellowing plant. RIP Sun Gold!
Late last week I harvested some Baby Bok Choy. I blanched them and made a salad out of them with grilled swordfish on top. They were so yummy! I'm glad I have more going!
Today was the day to check on carrots. These suckers have been in the ground since April. I've been waiting (im)patiently on these. I pulled the first baby carrot and.....success!
I ended up with a few for a side dish with dinner tonight. I made Baby Carrots in Dill Butter with these guys. They were so sweet and delicious, they left me wanting more!
Here's the rest of today's little harvest: my baby carrots, a fistful of mixed peas, some green beans and strawberries.

Happy Harvest!!

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Jeana said...

I wish I was still harvesting carrots your look so good.

thyme2garden said...

Oh your carrots look really good! And that dill butter sounds really tasty.

debiclegg said...

Your carrots looks delicious. I have not been successful in growing them. Maybe I will try again.

Late in visiting the posts for Harvest Monday!