Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gardening: Tomatoes, Green Beans & Edamame

I must be crazy or I have an addiction to heirloom tomatoes. Mind you that this is the very first year I'm growing them so I really have no idea what I'm doing. I already had a Brandywine and Cherokee Purple tomato plant. That's not even mentioning the 2 cherry tomato, 2 Roma tomato plants plus the 2 variety of seeds that I propagated. I couldn't resist though. They look sooo delicious and I'm a sucker for an excellent tomato! I found a Green Zebra (which I really really wanted to try) and I broke down when I saw a Carbon and Paul Robeson. I am officially nuts!!

I do have some self-control because I went to a nursery this weekend and saw a Thessaloniki (from Greece) and a Momotaro (from Japan) that I really really really wanted to get. My common sense took over and I had to cease and desist. Okay, not really, I'm just running out of space to plant them! I did walk away though. Maybe next year!

Since we had some beautiful weather on Saturday, I decided to put my heirloom tomatoes and some of the bigger (I use this term relatively speaking because you've seen my pathetic little tomato starts that I attempted to grow from seed) Roma and Oregon Spring tomatoes in the ground.

I had planted a second round of green beans indoors (Blue Lake & French Fillet) and they were placed outside this weekend also. I transplanted the Japanese winter squash (Kabocha) that my friend Becky had given me, as well as my back-up zucchini plant that was already flowering but whose leaves were yellowing. Hopefully it'll perk up.

I had also sowed a second crop of edamame or soy beans indoors and potted those. Most of them were looking scraggly and sad. My cat had made it on my table again and went straight for the edamame. She had managed to chew off most of the leaves. As extra insurance, I re-seeded more edamame in the same pot.

Here's some shots of my To-Done's from this weekend:

Green Zebra tomato

My bed of Roma tomatoes, Japanese green cucumbers and green beans (French Fillet & Blue Lake).
Roma tomato seedling
French fillet beans next to a store-bought Roma tomato plant
Japanese Green Sword cucumbers (the lone cucumber survivors) with a little Roma tomato seedling
French fillet green beans
Purple Burgundy beans direct sowed
Paul Robeson, Oregon Spring (from seed) and Carbon tomato plants in my shelling pea bed. My shelling peas look like it may have a fungus. The bottom leaves are progressively turning yellow. I hope it's not something that will affect the tomatoes.

Edamame (2nd round) and direct sown to improve yields

Kabocha (Japanese Winter Squash)
The rest of my vegetables are coming along. I'm so excited. The weather should be warming up and the rains should stop by this weekend. I can't wait to start the harvest. So far I've only had a handful of radishes and a few peas. Here's how the rest of things are going.

Here's a patch of lettuce and some of the Watermelon radish coming up in between them. You can't see them but there's also some carrots starting to come up. I'm hoping this patch is ready to harvest in the next few weeks as it will be the home of my eggplant and peppers.
Green beans are happy in the ground (I see flowers). I notice their leaves aren't growing but they have lots of flowers. We'll see how they produce.



Cherokee Purple tomato (with flowers!)

Brandywine (with flowers!)

Patty Pan Squash

Cherry tomatoes (lots of flowers and tiny green tomatoes)

Cosmos in the lemon cucumber graveyard. The 2 seedlings I planted died. There's 2 little lemon cucumber popping up after I re-seeded them.

Small patch of lettuce


Lacinto Kale

Baby Bok Choy


Spinach (top) and Arugula

Swiss chard and other misc greens that haven't done well. This is the first ones in the ground. I'll have to replant them. Luckily I have some seedlings cooking inside!

Snow peas

Snap peas

Patty pan squash


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Brianne said...

Wow, your garden looks great!!

Jami@ An Oregon Cottage said...

So much going on! I'm jealous of your cherry tomatoes with flowers. :-) And I will be waiting to see about those new tomatoes- you found two I've never heard of before! Thanks for sharing at the Tuesday Garden Party!

Heather said...

Holly, You are growing so many things! I am impressed... a real potager:) Looking forward to some sun to see how our gardens really grow here in Oregon.