Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gardening: Summer Squash

I love summer squash. Aside from being a very prolific producers, it's not too hard on the eyes. The plants itself are beautiful and grow large pretty quickly. I love the foliage it produces. The flowers are also beautiful.

I have 2 Black Beauty Zucchini growing. One is further along than the other. This is the larger of the two plants that I successfully grew from seed (yeah me!).
I happened to catch this flower the day it opened. Pretty! The bloom look like lilies and like the lily, it only lasts a day.
Baby zucchini are the cutest!

I haven't been successful with the Patty Pan variety this year. I planted 2 plants in the ground and one in a container (grown from seed). Two of the ground planted plants died. One got taken out by the heavy spring rains and the other I suspect succumb to the evil slugs in my yard. I direct sowed more patty pan seeds hoping I would have enough time for a second batch to grow. Once the seedlings broke ground, they were chewed up. SLUGS!!! GRR!! I was about to give up and be happy with the one plant in a container that had managed to survive. I figured I'd coddle the heck out of it. It was doing fairly well considering.
I happened to be at Farmington Gardens this weekend and they had their Summer Solstice sale going on. Everything was 40% off. Most of the veggie starters had been picked clean but I found a few summer squash left. I got this little dude for only 84 cents. SWEET!!
It even came with a few fruit already set. Now these are CUTE!! I hope it does okay. I transplanted him out in the yard and Sluggo-ed the area extensively. So far so good!
Does anyone have any other tried and true summer squash you love to plant? I would love ideas for next year!

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Just Trying To Save Money said...

We have never eaten zucchini, I need to see if there is any recipes that we could try and see if everyone would eat it. If so I would love to add it to the garden next year!!!
It lloks great, can't wait to see more!!

Jami said...

Our family are not squash fans. I grow zucchini and I like it grilled, but mainly everyone likes in in bread- hardly very vegetable-y. :-) Thanks for sharing at the TGP!

debiclegg said...

My kids love zucchini in stir fry but so far my zucchini have not done very well. I love looking at all the "babies" in the garden!!

Heather said...

Hi Holly... We grow acorn and butternut and have done patty pan in the past. If you have more seed you should try it again:) I have been reseeding like crazy. The birds have been getting the melons and squash as soon as they germinate. Now I am covering with landscape fabric until they really sprout... don't give up!

I am trying a new banana squash heirloom seed this year. We'll see how that goes. I am hoping to use the butternut and banana for pies and pastas.