Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gardening: Sprouters, Flowering-ers & Wanna-be-ers

Here's a pictorial of what's going on in the garden. We're still having unusual weather. It's still rainy and cool. It made it up to 80 on Saturday with lots of sunshine! But it's back down to the 70's this week. My peas are loving the cool overcast days but the other vegetables...not so much.

First, the sprouters! The first of my re-sowed cucumber is poking up. For those of you who don't know, I had lost all of my starter cucumbers to heavy rains. They all died off. I had to re-sow seeds. Here's the Lemon Cucumber. Yeah! There is hope for cucumber this year!
Watermelon Radish
The Dill are developing their first sets of true leaves.
Here's the Swiss Chard I had sowed from seed. They looked like they weren't going to make it so I bought starters and planted them. Well lookie lookie, they seem to be making a come back! Swiss Chard for everyone!
Now onto the flowering veggies (the flowering-ers). There's a lot of plants that are producing flowers now!

Cherry tomato

Brandywine tomato

Cherokee Purple tomato
Roma tomato

Green beans


Patty Pan Squash

There's some wanna-be-ers in the garden also. Baby veggies are so cute! I'm so excited. It brings us that much closer to a harvest!!

Green beans are getting bigger!

Cherry tomato bunches

Edamame (soy beans)

Hopefully warmer days are just around the corner. My plants need sun!! Thanks for stopping in for the tour!

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zentmrs said...

Your garden is wonderful!! Everything seems to be growing so well - thanks for sharing!!

Melinda said...

You won't have long now till you have something to harvest! Your garden looks wonderful! I agree - baby veggies are so cute!

Paula said...

YOur plants all look happy and healthy! Paula from Idaho

Lexa said...

Holly. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your veggies are looking awesome. Your garden doesn't look as "behind" as mine does right now. We need to hurry up and get some sun and some heat! Happy Gardening.

debiclegg said...

Great pics of your garden. I love watching for all the NEW ARRIVALS in the garden.

Debbie in MS

Jami@ An Oregon Cottage said...

Oh, everything is looking so good, Holly! I'm still waiting for my zucchini to sprout and the beans are only 3 inches tall. :-)

I'm so glad you join the Tuesday Garden Party!

Henny Penny said...

Just wondering, does that watermelon radish taste unusual for a radish?

~Holly~ said...

@ Henny Penny - I haven't grown the watermelon radish before but I don't think they taste different. I think it's the coloring that makes them special. Thanks for stopping by!