Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gardening: Fruits of my Labor

Looks like things are finally on the upswing in my garden despite the weird weather in Portland. I finally have hope that I will see the fruits of my labor soon!

I have a few things coming in now. It won't be long before I can actually harvest them. Here's a run down of what's coming up in the garden.

French Filet Bush Beans
Blue Lake Bush Beans
First Snap Peas of the season
My first zucchini of the year (Black Beauty Zucchini)
Cherokee Purple Tomato

Cherry Bomb Peppers

Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes
Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes

Royal Burgundy Bush Beans are popping up
Edamame are also poking up from the soil

Linking up to join Jami for her Tuesday Garden Party at An Oregon Cottage!


Tosha said...

Looks Great! You are right, it wont be long before you can have an actual harvest:)

Minerva's Garden said...

Your plants look gorgeous!

Brianne said...

Looking good!! Can not wait to see more. We have about 10 little flowered for the bell peppers, can not wait to finally get to pick something!!

Pam said...

Look at those tomatoes!!! I so wanted to plant Edamame, but we were leaving on vacation. Thank goodness I didn't with the neighbor's DD not watering. Think it is too late?

~Holly~ said...

Thanks all!!
@Pam -I think it's still ok to plant edamame. They like temps above 70 so you're good. My first planting stopped growing pods. I think they were protesting the cold and rain. The second batch are coming along.