Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you're all enjoying the extra day off (if you have an extra day off today). The forecast called for rain showers and a high of 66. We had mostly overcast skies this morning. Even that couldn't deter me from the yard work that never goes away. My Ms. Kim lilacs put on quite the show this year. However, once the high winds and constant rains hit, most of the blossoms that weren't picked ended up on the ground.

I cut and pruned the 3 shrubs of Korean lilacs today. I think I went a little too crazy. They have quite the haircut...think buzz cut! In the middle of my hard work, the sun decided to show up. Yeah! The sun played peek-a-boo for most of the afternoon. I was still able to snap this shot. Blue skies and sunshine! Woo hoo! We miss you!

By the way, according to the weather forecasters, May 2010 will finish as either the 2nd or 3rd wettest in the record books for Portland. Hah, and you thought I was just whining about the rain.

Happy Memorial Day! For all of those serving our country, we thank you!