Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gardening: What's Growing?

What an amazing weekend here in Oregon. Our temperatures maintained in the 70's for a few days! It was perfect for finishing up the last minute gardening chores. I have to admit though, I cheated. I'm a big fat cheater!

I have good reason though. You saw my pathetic looking tomato plants. I was really getting worried that I wouldn't have any Romas for canning and saucing this I caved! I bought 2 Roma tomato plants from the nursery. I asked for advise on a gardening board and was advised to plant the pathetic tomato plants and see how they did. I was too chicken to plant too many of them. I chose a sacrificial lamb of each variety (I had planted both Roma and Oregon Spring tomatoes from seed this year). Into the garden they went. See what a HUGE difference between my baby plant and the nursery ones. My baby tomato plant looks like a garden weed!! How embarassing!!
I also cheated and bought some lettuce starts. My seed starters were nowhere near this big. I was craving a harvest so yes, I cheated! I'll plant some carrots, beets & radishes in between the lettuce to fill out this patch.
Here's a pictorial tour of the rest of the veggies. I took off the walls of water from my 2 cherry tomatoes and my Cherokee Purple. They were looking really good.
My cherry tomatoes have flowers already. I'm so excited!
I left the WOW around the Brandywine tomato plant. It was the smallest of them all but has made great progress so far!
Here's some Japanese green cucumbers.

Here's my shelling peas. I also have some snap and snow peas this year.

The beans are doing well. The edamame are also looking great. I love how it's vining and spiraled up the stake.
So far so good on the squash plants.
The bees were also out in full force.

My first bed is coming along nicely too. I love all the beautiful colors!

And last but not's almost STRAWBERRY SEASON!!
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Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Everything looks fabulous already! Great job!