Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gardening: Weekend Welfare Check

After the awful weather we've been having (cold & wet), I spotted a break in the rain to run out and check on my plants. They seem to be holding their own. One of my cherry tomatoes has some spotting on the leaves that I'm sure is due to the cold. I hope he perks up when it gets warmer!

Curiously, it seems my radish has become a buffet for someone.
I flipped over the leaf to investigate. I caught him red handed. You tell me, friend or foe? I'm thinking foe...maybe a moth of some type? In any case, he was hand picked off and placed into a container. I didn't have the killer instinct in me just yet. Maybe it was because I hadn't had my morning coffee. I guess he's lucky, right?
The radishes are taking form. they're so cute and I love the colors! Here's some whites and reds.
My most pleasant surprise is this pea flower!! This one is from my snap peas. Yeah! I'm doing the pea dance! Soon I'll have some yummy peas!
After I snapped these shots I was scared off by more rain. I quickly retreated to the house. Inside, my warm weather seedlings were making progress. I put them in the window sill to optimize light. I didn't want to set them outside, they may drown!

This is my Millionaire Eggplant. It's not looking quite like a million bucks right now, but looks much better than a week ago.
Here's the Shishito Pepper. Look pretty good. It's adding more and more leaves! Yeah!
My poor tomatoes look like they finally have actual tomato leaves. They have also perked up a bit.
Inside I'm also growing round 2 of French & Blue Lake Bush Beans and Edamame. Also growing inside are more lettuce.
It's a lazy Sunday morning. Enjoy!