Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gardening: Square Foot Gardening

I planted another bed of veggies this week. I tried out the square foot gardening method in this bed. There's books on square foot gardening out there. I also found this fabulous program on-line that's free. It helps you plan out your garden and tells you have many crop of each type you can plant per square foot.

I used a similar subscription program (signed up for a free trial) to plan out my garden for this year. The subscription program also remembers your plans so when you go to plan for next year, it will help you with crop rotation. It's pretty cool. This free program is great for individual beds and does most of the planning and thinking for you.

In keeping with the square footing, I used twine and skewers to mark off rows by the foot. I planted 1 spinach plant, 4 arugula plants, 4 Lacinto kale, 2 Lemon Cucumbers, 16 carrots, 5 baby bok choy, 9 beets & 4 head lettuce. We'll see how they do. I was looking all over for the Lacinto (Dinosaur) Kale. I love this type of kale. Apparently it's an Italian heirloom variety. It's been rather hard to find here. I just happened to find some at New Seasons (of all places!).
I also transplanted some Blue Lake Bush Beans, French Fillet Bush Beans, Patty Pan Squash & Zucchini outside. I hope I'm not jumping the gun on these. It was such a beautiful day, I decided to see what happens.

I planted 2 each of the zucchini and patty pan squash plants. I figure if one dies, at least I'll have a back up. Now if all 4 plants survive, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble. Last year, just 2 zucchini plants gave me a run for my money. I felt like I was harvesting zucchini every day!
I placed the patty pans on one side of the yard and the zucchini on the other. While reading up on companion gardening I also read about the benefits of planting flowers in your vegetables beds. We'll talk more about that later but I decided to take full advantage of the bees that were going crazy for my lavender. The zucchini were planted near the lavender to take advantage of these eager pollinators. I also planted some French beans in between the zucchini. I planted the Blue Lake beans in between my raised beds.
As I was sitting on the deck enjoying a glass of iced tea and admiring my handywork, I noticed I had company. I quickly grabbed my camera and....GOTCHA! They're so pretty but so fast!