Monday, May 10, 2010

Gardening: Something attacked my plants!

I sat down at the kitchen table today to enjoy my cup of coffee. "That's funny," I thought to myself. There were 2 leaves sitting on the table. What the heck?? I quickly surveyed the plants sitting on the table. Hmm...there seems to be big bite marks in my bean plants. They've been under attack!
Yep, someone definitely had jumped up onto the table to inspect this year's crop...then had the nerve to help herself! Ehiku! She looked at me with an innocent smirk. Well, I thought the naughty cat had just chomped on the beans. It's okay I reassured myself, I actually have too many bean plants. They were good growers from seed.

As I set the plants out on an overcast day for more sun, I was shocked and horrified to see she hadn't stopped at the beans. It had been a buffet for the naughty cat.

Here's some cucumbers she sampled:

You maybe thinking to yourself those are the Shishito peppers you transplanted the other day. Well, they were until I noticed this pot contained just 2 pathetic stems. She chopped the whole thing off!

I giggled on the inside. Silly cat! Note to self, be sure to push in all the chairs before letting that crafty cat out of my sight.