Monday, May 24, 2010

Gardening: Mass Casualties!!!

This nasty end of May weather sucks! I'm so sad. We had a horrible weekend (weather wise). It was storming and pouring down rain. I checked on my seedlings today and was devastated. We've got mass casualties to report! Cucumber down, cucumber down. Even one of my patty pan squashes bit the dust. *sniff sniff*
The body count ended up being 3 of 4 Boston Pickling Cucumber plants, 1 of 2 Patty Pan Squash plants, 2 of 3 Lemon Cucumber Plants and the Oregon Spring Tomato that I chose as the sacrificial lamb. It's lifeless body just flopped over. I have more of those that I've been nursing in the hopes they'd get a little bigger. They're so sad looking!

This is the other sad looking Roma tomato. I'm hoping he did a little better with my improv greenhouse AND a wall of water to protect him.
My cherry tomato leaves took a hit too. I think this is likely weather related. I hope they are able to bounce back!

One piece of good news in the garden. My surprise plant, the yellow iris bloomed. So pretty!


Kate and Crew said...

Hi! Thanks so much for participating in Garden Blogger's Death Day!!

I have never been able to grow cucumbers, until this year. No clue what the difference was... I will say that all my previous cucumbers fell victim to cutworms.

And your squash plant just keeling over like that so suddenly? I'd say a massive heart attack! I wish I had some grand advice or theories, but I don't. That is definitely bizarre!