Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gardening: Flower Update

I love flowers in the garden and in containers. They sure liven up the place! Here's what's going on at my house.

I managed to seed a few types of flowers this year. After transplanting the beans and cucumbers to larger pots, I planted a bunch of flower seeds. In this tray are:
1) Poppy - Lilly Miller Seeds
2 & 3) Echinacea - Park Seeds
4 & 5) Monarda Didyma - Park Seeds
6 & 7) Double Cosmos - Park Seeds
I'm growing some Echinacea and Monarda (Bee balm) for color in my yard. I'm especially excited to see what the double cosmos look like!

The flower seeds that I had set out in my recycled albumin trays and have basically neglected have been flourishing with the warmer temperatures. Here's some cosmos, poppy and some sweet peas. I transplanted some poppies, sweet peas and zinnia to pots to pretty up the deck. I'm saving the cosmos for my raised beds (since last year they attracted bees galore!). I'll use the pretty cosmos to lure the bees towards my crop that rely on pollinators.

Here's a few flowers blooming in the yard. The bees have been going bonkers for my Spanish Lavender. They won't even look at another flower right now. I'm not a huge fan of the lavender but I love love love the shape and delicateness of the Spanish variety. The flutterly purple tops my me think of bunny ears.
This is the weigela that I planted for the hummingbirds. They love the sweet nectar. The flowers are pretty and add lots of color to the yard.
My containers in the back yard are slowly getting there. I had pinched off a lot of blooms after transplanting to encourage root development and bushiness. The buds are coming back in a vengance. Right now, the alyssum are blooming. I love how these flower heads look close up. Thanks to my macro lens for the shot!