Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grow Dammit Grow!!!

One of the things I love about spring is being able to garden. I love flowers! Planting your own and nurturing it into bloom is a good feeling. This year I have more space to plant so I'm attempting to grow seeds also. One thing on my "Daddy Do" list is building some raised flower and vegetable beds. I think we're tackling that this weekend.

I've already started off the season planting up some containers. I love ranunculus! Every year I plant some in a container. They're so pretty. They make good cutting flowers until the plant stops flowering!

This year I also started growing some seeds indoors. I bought those Jiffy trays and planted about 6 vegetables and 6 different flowers. I also took home some plastic packaging from work cause they're perfect for those started discs. I planted extra flowers in those. Lo and behold, the only ones that grew were my FREE work find. UGH!! I replanted this past weekend when it was quite evident the Jiffy trays were a bust. Gotta love freebies from work!

Here's some sweet peas and carnations and other seedlings growing. Grow Dammit Grow!!!! God, I love spring!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring....where has the time gone??

OMG it's almost May already?? I've been a big fat slacker!! Actually I've been moving so please no booing or hissing just yet. I haven't been doing much cooking. Does boiling water count? My dad's been here visiting and he's been put to work. I have my "Daddy Do" list. He's quite the handy man and does excellent work. I'm considering renting him out. =0)

It is getting a little warmer here in the Pacific Northwest. We had a nice weekend a few weeks ago where the temperature soared up into the 70's and peek in on the 80's. Then, just like was back to the 50's and 60's. Brrr!!

Spring is definitely just around the corner. I hear the birds chirping, flowers blooming and my nose is constantly tickled with the pollen. We made it down to the tulip fields this year. I'll post the pics soon. I still have to hook up my printer. *sigh* Moving is such hard work!

Happy Spring Everyone!!